About us

Loop Robots automates disinfection using smart robots to make medical-grade sanitization faster, safer, and digitally auditable – helping to fight hospital-acquired infections while reducing the use of chemicals. Hospital-acquired infections kill 72,000 persons each year, with a cost of more than 45B$/yr - just in the US.

Loop Robots solve real problems for society with mobile service robots: intelligent algorithms packed within affordable hardware platforms. Robots for good. Loop Robots works globally and is based in Delft, The Netherlands.

For more information about Loop Robots visit www.looprobots.com and check this introduction video.

Role Description

We have a unique opportunity for exceptional talent to join our Sales & Marketing team. Your role will be a combination of Partnership Development, Content Creation, Automating our Lead Generation process, Market Research, and Supporting Demonstrations with SAM in Hospitals. Next to that, you are more than welcome to challenge and improve our current Sales & Marketing process.

What your activities might look like:

  1. Conduct Market Research to understand the European hospital market
  2. Define and test lead nurture strategies
  3. Create valuable content for our target audience
  4. Experiment with digital lead generation tools
  5. Support in Partnership meetings
  6. Plan, organize, and execute demonstrations with SAM at hospitals